Dental Hygiene

Dental Hygiene Appointments are an important part of your dental care. Maintaining a high standard of oral hygiene is key to preventing gum disease and dental decay. Our specially trained dental hygienist, Sarah will tailor your routine scale and polish appointment to ensure you receive the best possible treatment, care and advice to enable you to elevate your at home dental routine. Studies have also shown direct links between your oral health and your general health and wellbeing. Therefore, improving your brushing technique and preventing dental disease will improve your overall health.


Dental Hygiene Offer

T&C: 1st appointment must be booked in May /June 2019


Scale & Polish

Even the best of brushers have  ‘hard to reach areas’.  Plaque can build up and harden in the places we repeatedly miss, making it impossible to remove at home. A dedicated dental hygiene appointment will ensure all hardened plaque and calculus are removed, protecting your gums from bacteria and inflammation.

Failing to remove the deposits from above and below the gum line leave your teeth at risk of advancing gum disease.  It can begin to destroy your tooth’s supporting gum and bone structures – which can eventually lead to wobbly teeth. And with gum disease being the leading cause of tooth loss in adults, we believe a preventative approach and commitment to routine dental hygiene appointments is vital.


Oral Hygiene Instructions

Whether you’re an avid flosser or you prefer the more dextrous interdental brushes, Sarah will be able to show exactly how to keep your teeth as free from deposits as possible, she might even be able to show you tips and tricks to make it easier to manage.


PROPHYpearls Air Polish 

All our dental hygiene appointments come with KaVo PROPHYpearls air polish as standard! PROPHYpearls uses high-pressure air, filled with micro pearls that roll across your tooth’s surface removing deep, resistant stains from daily indulgences like tea, coffee and red wine. Its spherical shape provides gentle but effective cleaning power!


Stain removal


Stain removal