Dentures are removable, false teeth.

We provide dentures for patients who may have lost some or even all of their teeth. Many times we may need to provide a denture as an urgent replacement of teeth before other types of treatment are possible.

Success of dentures often depends on the design of their construction and they can be made from plastic or metal.

Dentures rely on the soft tissue support in the mouth for their stability and retention. As they often sit against other natural teeth, it is imperative that these teeth do not get damaged.

By proper planning and use of a correct design we can minimise the risks of failure. Our team of dentists are highly skilled to provide this proper planning and delivery of care. Based on examination of your mouth we would advise you on the most appropriate treatment solution for you.

Dentures have certain advantages as well as disadvantages.

The advantages of dentures are:

  • They are quick and easy to make
  • They are relatively cheap
  • They can look highly aesthetic
  • They can have reasonably acceptable function

The disadvantages of dentures are:

  • They often rely on the soft tissues of the mouth for support
  • They have a tendency to move about
  • They can be quite bulky and cover large parts of the mouth
  • Many patients find them unacceptable/ uncomfortable
  • They can affect your taste
  • They allow food trapping around their edges and under the denture
  • They can exacerbate existing gum disease
  • Require excellent denture hygiene