Oral Cancer Screening

At New Tec we are committed to the overall health of our patients.

Part of our dental examination includes checking all the hard and soft tissues inside your mouth (teeth, gums, palate, throat, tongue, floor of the mouth and cheeks) as well as the outside of your mouth (under your chin and neck). By doing this, we can check for any abnormal or unusual changes.

Cancer of the mouth can be totally painless in it’s initial stages. Early detection of any type of cancer can make a huge difference in the type of treatment available as well as the recovery rate after treatment.

The majority of ulcers or lumps within the mouth are totally benign. Any suspicious finding during your examination will be recorded and you will be informed. An urgent referral will then be made to a hospital for further tests to be carried out. Any change within the oral tissues from the normal needs attention. However the majority of minor irritations heal within a relatively short period of time. If you are concerned about something between checkups, please contact us.

The following personal habits may increase your risk of oral cancer.

  • Excessive Alcohol Consumption
  • Smoking Tobacco Products
  • Chewing Tobacco Products
  • Chewing Paan (Beetlenut) with Tobacco
  • Chewing Khat

Today in the UK there are more oral cancer cases per annum compared to cervical cancer cases due mainly to the above lifestyle choices. Survival from oral cancer is highly dependant on early diagnoses and effective treatment. This makes it even more important to attend regular dental checkups.