Root Canal

Root Canal Treatment (also known as endodontics) is the treatment of a tooth with an infected pulp.

The pulp of the tooth is a collection of nerves and blood vessels in the centre of the tooth which extends down the roots through a space called the root canal and into the jaw bone. There can be one or more root canals in a tooth. If the infection spreads further it can lead to a dental abscess in the jaw bone.

The infection may have been caused by:

  • Tooth Decay
  • Leaking Filling
  • Damage from Trauma or Cracks in Teeth
  • Gum Disease

The aim of root canal treatment is to remove infection then clean and fill the root canals. The tooth is then sealed with a filling and/or a crown. This treatment can save a tooth which would otherwise need an extraction. The success rate of root canal treatment can be as high as 90%. Prior to the procedure our dentist at New Tec will discuss what will happen before, during and after the treatment.

Root canal treatment should not be a painful procedure. Local Anaesthetic will be used for a comfortable treatment. In general the treatment is carried out over two visits but sometimes this may take longer.